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Forever Giving Thanks

The Forever Giving Thanks tour, featuring Beres Hammond, Luciano and Inner Circle, hosted by Ragashanti.

Atlanta was in for a treat when Cadence Bank Amphitheatre came alive, as Reggae greats took the stage on Sunday, August 20, 2023. From the crooning voice of Luciano to the so-forever-loving-soothing voice of Beres Hammond. The evening was hot and humid, but that did not stop patrons from filling up the seats of theater.

The "Bad Boys" Inner Circle Band did not disappoint with their set, and let us not not forget Leon from the movie "Cool Runnings", walked out on stage right before Beres' set and did a couple of Mr. Hammond's hits. The DJs between sets had the crowd rocking to mature, Reggae and Dancehall beats. Did anyone notice Beres' son, DJ Inferno? Well, he took the crowd all the way to the 80s and early 90s.

See photos here

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