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Marcia Griffiths & Friends

Updated: Jun 1

Celebrating 60 years

Celebrating 60 years in music
Marcia Griffiths & Friends

What a feast of music, and artistes, and songs, and performances.  Marcia Griffiths took us through the decades with her music/songs accompanied by her “friends”.  It was a wonderful setting, on such a special day. The weather conditions could not have been better in south Florida.  The outdoor venue saw thousands of patrons, who came out to this historic event. 

What an incredible night with Marcia Griffiths and Friends on Mothers’ Day, May 12, 2024! The energy was through the roof!


I've had the pleasure of seeing Marcia Griffiths perform before, but this show was absolutely electrifying, even more so than the Electric Slide dance! She owned the stage from 7:30 pm, delivering a four-hour performance that was pure magic. Backed by the talented Code Red Band and special guest Lloyd Parkes, the production was top-notch - a world-class experience! The only downside was that some performers felt the mics needed to be turned up, but that didn't stop the show from being incomparable. Each artist gave astonishing performances in a perfect atmosphere, and the musicians were simply incredible!


The night kicked off with Aiesha Barrett, followed by the introduction by Ed Barnes, of the Queen of Reggae herself, Marcia Griffiths, who hosted her own concert - a unique and awesome experience!


Celebrating 60 years in the industry, Marcia Griffiths was a force to be reckoned with! She flawlessly transitioned through the decades, joined by a lineup of amazing artists. The music of each era came alive on stage, keeping the crowd on their feet and dancing the night away!

Marcia Griffiths appeared ageless, embodying the lyrics of one of her songs that proclaim, “I shall sing as long as I live.” However, it was evident that she needed to also incorporate "perform" into that sentiment. Her musical journey began in the Swinging 60’s, where she performed around four songs solo before being joined by Singer J onstage. Transitioning into the Roots Rock 70’s, she shared the stage with Suga, Kymani Marley, and a special guest appearance by Yashemabeth, daughter of Judy Mowatt and Freddie McGregor. The 80’s were marked by collaborations with Christopher Ellis and Leroy Sibbles, while the 90’s brought energetic performances by Cutty Ranks, Lady G, and Freddie McGregor who gave an inspirational performance. The 2000’s segment featured Ras Shiloh, Duane Stephenson, Daville, and Tanya Stephens, who welcomed Lexus and Taurus Riley under the guidance of Marcia Griffiths. Shaggy made a surprise appearance, joining Marcia onstage after flying in from Dubai. Busy Signal closed the night with a memorable performance, culminating in a lively rendition of Electric Boogie that had Marcia, her backup singers, other performers, and audience members dancing the Electric Slide as the show concluded.


The energy was electric, the band was on fire, and the performers had everyone moving! It was a spectacular celebration of music, talent, and pure joy! Prior to the conclusion of the show, Consul General to Miami, Oliver Mair, took the stage to award Ms. Marcia Griffiths, renowned as our Reggae Queen, for her significant contributions to Jamaica and its culture.

Marcia Griffiths, you are a true legend! We love you! 💫

Check out photos from the event at 📸


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